Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Words across the etherium

Day 29.

Another letter arrives.

Her words drift through the etherium and touch me with a sweet caress.
Skillfully chosen, artfully assembled, and playfully rendered.

Before she came, I had never met my equal with quill or dagger.
And now, each day, we meet, at the appointed place and time.
And each time we meet, she slays me with her merciless wit.
And each time I die, I wake again to an even brighter hope.
And each hope that arises, brings a new and deeper understanding.
And the more I understand, the more I admire the person that she is.
Because who she is ... is beautiful to me.

Thank you, Angel.
Thank you for being true to yourself.
Thank you for accepting me as I am.
Thank you for the trust you have shown.
Thank you for your continual kindness.
Thank you for your keen insight.

You inspire me.
When I think of you, I am energized.
Nothing can stop me, nothing can get me down.
Inspire = Breathe.
You are a fresh breath of life.
Everything you do is right for me.
Everything you are is good for me.
Nothing bad can ever come of this.

I trust you.
I believe in you.
I really, really like you.
And I am proud to call you my friend.
Come what may.

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