Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ode to a Beagle

Sadie Mae Beagle

Thank you for watching over my love.
Thank you for loving her when she felt alone.
Thank you for being her most constant friend.
Thank you for saving her life that night.

Though I only knew you for a few short months,
You accepted me too, and I am honored by that.
The howl of welcome when I walked in the door,
Told me that I was a welcome member of your pack.

And now the house is quiet.
No howls, no snorts, no toenails clicking across the tile.
But everywhere I look, there are still signs of you.
Your life intertwined with those of the ones you loved.

Farewell, my friend.
You will be missed.
(by me too)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Sometimes, life surprises me.
Like right now.
Everything is wonderful.
Who would have thought it?
Thank you, God.
Thank you for Eve.

Monday, July 7, 2008


I looked up today.
The sky was pale blue.
I didn't fall in.

Train wreck

Eve called me tonight.
Tears and exhaustion evident in her voice.
She's been ripping herself apart again.
Trying to keep everyone involved "happy".

I wish she would just focus on her own happiness.
That is what matters. Nothing else.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Beyond reason

Last weekend, we came to a major turning point in the relationship.
It seemed like all of our issues had been leading to this big inevitable conclusion.
So, I prepared myself. When it was time, I took it like a man.
(Translation: I did my best to not cry in front of her).

Later that same day, we miraculously came back together.
We apologized for hurting each other; intentionally or not.
We took responsibility for our own actions and we forgave each other.
We decided to hold on a little longer; to give it another try.

I am a man in love. And this woman, she loves me right back.
Despite what others may want for us (or from us).
Despite our own internal voices of fear and mistrust.
Despite outward appearances, and sometimes beyond reason.

There is an undeniable sense of peace and goodness that we give to each other.
There is an irresistable bond that keeps us coming back.
We continue to be in love with each other.
And I can't wish for anything better than that.

I am happy.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Time for fun

All this seriousness and intensity and behaving is making me crazy. Time for some fun.
Music is a good place to start - how about a change of pace?
Reprogrammed all my "memorized" radio stations in the car. WHEW!
Tonight, I'm digging on some Katy Perry.
// Ur So Gay - reminds me of Eve's evil ex (except he actually does like boys) // <- I love this song!!
// I Kissed a Girl - the way I wanted it to be; the way I wish it would have been // <- good beat
// Simple - it really doesn't have to be so complicated // <- like Edie Brickell meets Bjork