Sunday, February 3, 2008

Baggage Claim

Sometimes life takes you down a notch ... or three.

You sit there, straddling your white horse, preaching to the world about how things should be. "Ah", you ponder, "If only everyone could have a life like mine. No worries, no drama, just a walk in the clouds, day after day."

Then it hits you. Like a big, gnarly tree-branch, straight to the gut.

Slowly, you open your eyes, watching the clouds floating effortlessly overhead. "What am I doing here?", you ask yourself, "and why does my chest hurt so much?"

"Ah", the voice says. "Looks like you took a pretty good fall off that horse of yours. You're going to need some stitches for that - - need a hand?"

Baggage Check:
- Lack of confidence in maintaining good relationships
- Major challenges at home
- Making stuff up when I don't have all the facts