Monday, January 5, 2009


Sometimes life just blows me away.

Not the day-to-day humdrum, but the occasional moment when something truly magical happens, like today. If you've been following this blog, I'm sure you know that I've charted a new path for myself in the last year: I've started doing things that I've always wanted to do; things I was been putting off "until the right (insert reason here) came along". At some point, I just decided that life is too short to sit around waiting for the right circumstances. I started writing, dancing, hanging out with friends and such, just getting out there and living my life, enjoying it.

Very few of you know that I've always wanted to learn to Scuba-dive, but it has always been something I was interested in. (On my old truck, I had a diving-flag symbol; a reminder that one day, I would take lessons and learn to do that.) Maybe it goes back to my childhood days at the beach, when I wished I could swim with the fishes. It's always been there.

Well today, without any prior discussion about the subject, a co-worker of mine (not even a close friend mind you, just someone I've worked with on occasion), sent me an email asking if I wanted to learn to scuba-dive. Just like that, out of the blue. Apparently, he's an instructor.

So tomorrow night, for a mere twenty bucks, I get to attend my first diving lesson. I don't even have to have gear - we're meeting at a dive shop, and they're going to outfit all of us beginners with some loaner gear at no extra cost - wow! It'll be indoors, in a heated pool (thankfully), and I'm going to bring my son along, since he'll need to know scuba sooner or later to become a qualified member of a Marine Recon unit.

Seriously - who gets invitations like that? Why are opportunities to do what I've always wanted to do, being literally handed to me, at this point in my life?

It's magic, I tell you. "Change your perception of the world, and the world around you will change." So here I am, ready to learn scuba. Sailing lessons will come later this year. Oh, and cooking lessons too! (One of my best friends suggested that we check out a cooking school nearby, and it looks like we might end up taking some day-classes together). Again - WOW.

This part about believing in things and then having them magically appear, it continues to amaze me. I know that I've always been surrounded by that sort of energy, all my life really, but I never grasped how powerful it was, how real it was. So, when I was feeling sorry for myself and feeling like I wasn't appreciated, and feeling left out, that's exactly the sort of events that I was experiencing in my life. And then, when I started to change my attitude, and look at myself in a different light, and started to imagine what it would be like to live the life that I've always wanted, well - things just started falling into place. Everything changed for the better. It's truly amazing.

Life is wonderful.
Life is magical.