Thursday, April 5, 2007

How fine she is

"Do you know how fine you are to me, Mary MacGregor? ... So fine."
(Liam Neeson as Robert Roy MacGregor. From the motion picture Rob Roy)

Day 11.

Have I told you how beautiful she is?
Can my description do her any justice?

Hair ..... Black and shiny, like a wolf's mane
Skin ..... The color and scent of melted honey
Eyes .... As green as emeralds, as clear as a mountain stream
Lips ..... Soft as the twilight sun, full as the harvest moon
Smile ... Disarming, playful, and sad - all at the same time
Hands .. Gentle as the summer wind, strong as a sailor's knot
Body .... Lean and graceful; the silhouette of a princess

She is the most beautiful woman I have ever known.
And the mere thought of her takes my breath away.

Her mind is as sharp as a razor; she cannot be fooled. She has charm, intelligence, humor and style. She can read moods as well as thoughts. She always knows just the right word, at the right time; she wields her language more skillfully than a samurai wields his sword. She is deliciously clever.

She makes me laugh, she leaves me speechless.
When I am around her, the world takes on a richer hue.
She is intoxicating and pure. She is powerful and sweet.

She is more than my equal; she is my counterpart.

And with each day that passes, and with each new letter, it becomes even more clear to me how incredibly rare and wonderful she really is. The world is a better place with her in it.

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