Monday, April 2, 2007

Cat's revenge

Day 8.

No joke. I was bitten by our housecat the other day; the puncture was deep, but not deep enough to require a trip to the hospital. I applied some antibiotic ointment and a bandage, and that was that. A day later, my hand started to turn red, and my arm was sore, so I applied some witch's salve and took an antibiotic. Last night, the whole arm was throbbing and I had a fever; I could barely sleep. Today at work, the hand was feeling better, but all of my energy has been drained, I am sick to my stomach, and my bones feel like they are on fire.

Call the doctor, and he says to come in right away. The old man points to a trail of red streaks going up my arm and into my shoulder. He asks if the cat has rabies (I don't think so). He asks how long it has been since I had a tetanus shot (I couldn't recall). Half an hour later, I've received a shot in my ass, two horse-sized pills, a prescription for another set of pills, advice to take the next couple of days away from work, and a strong warning: "if this doesn't clear up by Wednesday, we'll have to put you into the hospital."

Will my life be undone by a three-pound furball?

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