Thursday, April 12, 2007

Can you translate?

Day 18.

I find myself translating ... a lot.

Coldest Night = -8.4 degrees Celsius = 16.88 degrees Farenheit
Hottest Day = 27.6 degrees Celsius = 81.68 degrees Farenheit
Average home price = 348,000 Canadian dollars = 303,664.92 US dollars
Distance to nearest U.S. metropolitan area = 504 kilometers = 313.17 miles

Today's big achievement: I know the correct pronounciation of "Okanagan".
I study as if my life depended on it (romance is a powerful motivator).

It's as if I have two lives now. One here, and one there.
Will the bridge go in on time? What will happen with the vote? They better fix that pollution problem.
Oh yeah - I don't live there. I'm still here, waiting for the blizzard to arrive.
It's cold here. I need a blanket, a fire, a good woman.
Only thoughts of her to keep me warm.
I'm thankful for those.

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