Saturday, June 7, 2008


We all went to a big party last night.
In the past I've been so afraid of offending her (or her friends).
That I've ended up panicked and "clingy" and needy.
And therefore, ended up offending both her and her friends.

This time I came with a friend of my own (thank you, Keith)
I asked for and got some terrific hugs (thank you, Jen, Mary, Moon and Kat)
And I did okay. I didn't obsess about her. I had fun. (She did too; she told me).
I got to know a little more about her friends, and showed them a little more of me.

It felt nice to be supportive. It felt nice to be part of a wonderful day for her.
It also felt nice to be appreciated for my good quaities. (I do have one or two).

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