Thursday, June 19, 2008

List of good things

Despite some bumps here and there, we have had some incredibly wonderful times together. The purpose of this entry is to list those beautiful, magical moments. Moments that can never be erased. (This list is not complete - it will grow much larger as I have time to add things to it).*

The List of Good Things:
Me to her - conversation in elevator - "you notice me, you really notice me"
Her to me - "I'm glad you saved that seat, because I wanted to sit beside you"
Both - YOU like Joe versus the Volcano too??  (A: Yes, especially with pauses!!)
All four of us squeezing into that tiny little booth (cutting up one photo for each of us)
Me tying her shoelaces together. Making paper frogs, and boxes, and snakes, and ...
Her to me - text message - "Those hugs are dangerous, young man"
Me singing Harry Connick Jr. on her birthday (plus that little birthday kiss)
Her text messages from the boat (missing you like crazy, can't wait to see you, etc)
Me being there when she was very sick (a fat-lipped green duck and a prescription)
Her bringing me chicken soup and flowers and kisses when I was very sick
Both - my son's observation: "you know you're watching reality TV together?"
Me helping the kids pick out blue flowers and a red vase for Mother's Day
Both sitting on a wooden swing, talking as the sun went down. Perfection
Her buying me a big green road sign that says "exit zero" - believing in the dream
Me to her - text message - "I think we've invented a new acronym ..."
Her to me - text message - "I would marry you. I think you are worthy."
Unexpected dinner proposal (and a special dedication from the guitar player)
Her weeding the bush in my front yard (the day before the inspector came back)
Me getting the grass trimmed in the back yard (night before her parents came back)
Surprise dinner plans (the creepy banker, the waitress, and two stacks of bills)
Her as Starbuck, and Kaylee, and Zoe, and Inara (mmmmmmm - love em all)
Me being her cheerleader during the scavenger hunt (her buying the pom-poms)
Me picking her up when she was lonely. (Wine and crackers, and the damned geese).
Both taking turns holding each other when we fell apart (several times now)
Her whispering: "don't ... let ... me ... go" // Me saying "i will never stop loving you"
Listening to Opie Gone Bad in the middle of a soccer stadium (best blanket ever).
Texting each other while OC Times was winning the international barbershop finals.
Massaging her feet and hands at night when they were painful and swollen.
Eating the best damned meatball sandwiches, ever. (at eleven o'clock pm)
Walking twenty three miles to honor her couage for being a cancer survivor.
Being given my very own garage door opener (and closet, and sink).
The ceiling fan, the vole, the wasps, the light in the car, and the dead hamster.
Sharpening pencils on the last day before school started (eating lemon crepes).
Buying a puppy together with her daughter.
Spending a day together, walking and holding hands. Laughing again.
Buffalo burgers. Damned good buffalo burgers.
Sir Edmund Hillary and his unfortunate discoveries.

*NOTE: There will be no list of bad things. That list has been erased forever.

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mskimie said...

Her to me - "I love my Captain."  And all those Browncoat events that we have gotten RIGHT!