Monday, September 22, 2008

Summer Daze

Before the breakup, I bought tickets to a play.
It was 4 weeks later.
But we decided to go through with it.
We would go together, as friends.
Prove to ourselves that we could get along and be civil.

I got the time mixed-up, so we were way too early.
It was a sunny day, and we decided to hang together.
We talked and laughed and held hands.
We cleared things up, we were honest with each other.
It was wonderful, easy, natural, magical.

We both had a really great time.
So wonderful to experience that joy.
Nice to remember "why" we fell in love, (that we weren't totally wrong).
So easy to fall in love again. So easy.
And then the day was over.

Thank you for that day.
A day of love.

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