Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Soldier

Brace yourselves for bad news.

Found out last week that a friend of mine has cancer. It's already at stage 4, and has spread to three of her major organs. She starts chemotherapy this week, and it's going to be very intense (and therefore very difficult).

Tonight, I'm going to participate in another "walk" (it's an event that different groups do to raise awareness, encourage donations, and honor those who are currently fighting cancer, have survived cancer, or have died as a result of cancer.) Tonight's walk is supposed to be just for lymphoma, but I don't draw a line between different types. I think of all cancer awareness events as being worthy of my time.

More bad news.

Last time I heard from Angel, her father was fighting stage 3 cancer. That was over a month ago, and I haven't heard anything since. Angel is really close to her dad, she really cares about him and spends a lot of time with him, so it must be incredibly difficult for her right now.

My heart is heavy as I walk tonight. If you believe in prayer, please pray for Marilyn, and Lawrence (and Angel too).

Best wishes,

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