Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Six Pearls

When I mentioned the 'crystal bowl' ceremony in the last entry, I might have inferred that it was linked to Native American beliefs. Actually, the two are completely separate. The yurt is owned by a couple that honors the ways of the Lakota (check out the story of White Buffalo Woman). The interior of the yurt was adorned with leather and hoops, and smelled like sage, all Native American. However, the crystal bowls derive from Eastern mysticism (I believe Tibet), and were designed to unlock all of the different chakras of the body. Two worlds combined in one place, and it worked quite well.

Anyway, when I participated in the 'crystal bowl' ceremony on Friday, the Shaman (Hope) channeled a psychic message from her spirit guides. There were actually six parts to the message, and I quote them here, to the best of my ability:
(1) "you need to be more clear in communication, in what you are asking for"
(2) "you are going to have new opportunities with your job very soon"
(3) "this new job opportunity will involve lots of travel"
(4) "a new person is coming into your life, a new relationship, it will be important"
(5) "Yes"
(6) "No way"

My thoughts:

I suppose the first item is true. Well, obviously it must be true. When I consider the problems that Eve and I had to work through, most of them came down to a lack of clear communication. I often like to think that this is one of my strengths, but I did a poor job at delivering my message to her. I wanted to convey a message of love, freedom, happiness and mutual support. The message she got was insecurity, unhapiness, and desire to control. Clearly, I have some work to do in this area. (Okay, I have a lot of work to do in this area.)

The next two messages were no surprise. My intuition has been telling me this for quite some time, and this is right in line with where I want to be. (Yippie!)

The fourth message made me uneasy. I don't know whether I'm in or out of the current relationship, and I'm really not eager to start over with another person (especially this soon). When I described my concerns to her, Monica was quick to point out that the message didn't indicate what TYPE of relationship was coming my way (in other words, my involvement with the other person could be based on friendship, business, spirituality, etc). I suppose I'm open to that. I'm a little bit lonely, and I've got room in my life for a new face, or two, or three...

The last two messages are the most cryptic of all, because I wasn't asking any questions (verbally or nonverbally) that I know of. Not to say that I don't have questions on my mind, because I've got a ton of them. But I don't have them organized in any particular fashion, and knowing the specific answers doesn't do much good for me if I can't associate them with a question. (That's spirit guides for you: sometimes too vague to comprehend.) Oh well, maybe I'll look back one day with better understanding.

All in all, it was a really interesting experience, and I was glad to be there. I needed the healing, the group acceptance, and I was glad to receive the messages from the spirit world, even if I don't know what to do with some of the information that I was given.

I am blessed.

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