Saturday, September 13, 2008

Earth Wisdom

The crackling of the wood stove could barely be heard above the croaks of the frogs and the barks of the dog. We had to take off our shoes, to ensure that we didn't track mud onto the rugs, blankets, and animal furs that formed the floor of the meeting place.

There were 14 of us: four men, and ten women. It was 6pm, and I had just arrived after a 90 minute drive from Denver. I should have been exhausted, but already, I felt at home. These were my kind of people, warm and genuine, simple and honest. Hugs were given freely, and smiles were the trendy fashion.

Allow me to introduce you to my newest best friend. I'll call her Monica, which means "counselor". Although I've known her for months, we really only started talking a few weeks ago. Like me, she is quiet and reserved (silent waters run deep). Like me, she listens to her intuition, and she helps people. Monica invited me to this place. To be honest, she's invited me before, but I've been too busy with other things. Still, I believe things happen when they are supposed to, so I don't get to stressed about it.

The leader of the event, a medicine woman that I will call "Hope", knew my name before I reached out to greet her. "Oh! You must be Doug. I've heard a lot about you - so glad you could make it tonight." It felt nice.

We were in a "yurt". [For those like me who don't know what a yurt is, is sort of like a "tribal hut", completely circular, with a dome ceiling. This one was pretty modern, with a polished stone floor instead of mud, glass windows and doors, and even electric outlets, but it still had all the charm and warmth of the classic structures.] The decor was all natural: wood, leather, fur, rocks, blankets. Nothing fake about it. Awesome.

For hours, we participated in a guided healing meditation. Hope believes in wave energy, and she uses sounds to create those vibrations. This time, she was using Quartz Crystal bowls to generate sounds that vibrated through our bodies (and into our spirit souls).

Anyway, I'm not sure if you can really call it spiritual, but one things that I've noticed about myself, is that nature has a very soothing effect on me. The immense gravity of the mountains, the cool and clean air, the noticeable healthiness of the planet in those places. It nourishes me. Ifeel good when I take the time to get outdoors. Sometimes I forget that.

So, there I was, in the middle of nature, surrounded by very genuine people, and listening to healing sounds. It felt good, so good. Some of the participants were regulars, and others, like Monica's boyfriend, a couple of the women, and myself, it was a first-time experience.

I greatly enjoyed it. My father and sister are both very connected to the Native American spiritual ways, but I never really got very deep into it. (This time, I did.)

It felt good to feel valued, wanted, and part of the group.
It felt good to be surrounded by friends. (Not "his" or "hers", just plain friends).
I'm going back today. This time I'm bringing my son. He's gonna love it!

Peace to all of you.
It's beautiful outside - enjoy the weather.


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