Friday, September 19, 2008

The Answers

I was driving in my car a couple of nights ago, thinking about two unanswered questions that had been nagging me. "I bet I'll never get a real answer", I told myself. "I just wish I knew the truth. It would help me decide what to do."

Then, a small voice inside me said, "you already got your answers, remember?"

For some reason, I thought back to the two mysterious answers that I received from the shaman woman (three days before I actually asked my questions). When I rephrase the first question into the one piece of information that I really wanted to know, it all became clear to me. The answers are "yes", and "no", in that exact order.

I laughed out loud. Leave it to the spirit guides to give you the answers to questions that you haven't even asked yet. The moment was priceless. It all made sense. Wow!

I am good, I am whole, I am blessed.
I know the answers, and I'm okay with it.
There is magic in this world, and I can tap into it.

My thanks to the source of Universal Goodness.
I am amazed, and I am humbled.
Life is good.

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