Friday, August 29, 2008

Stage Three

Things are looking up. Still trying to heal, but getting stronger every day.
The grief cycle: "denial, depression, anger, acceptance" (Yippie - can I get a treat now?)

Everybody's trying to keep me busy. (Don't the words "leave me alone" mean anything to you people?) Had a goodbye party for MaryBeth, since she's moving to -cough- Atlanta Frikkin Georgia ?!? I keep trying to get out of the BBQ, but I know I they're going to twist my arm. Seriously, they way they describe it, it sounds like fun, but there will be a LOT of drinking, and that is probably the last thing I want to be around right now.  :(  bleh.  Not making any more promises for a while. I'll just see how it goes. Trying to take care of myself, sometimes it really hits me. other times I don't even think about it.

Took K-man out tonight. He's such a political nerd, but I love him. Can you believe we watched the DNC from a sports bar?? I mean, what is this world coming to? Seriously, we had the volume turned way up, and everybody in the bar was clapping and cheering, you'd have thought it was the Super-Bowl! Geez.

Then again, did you see the speech by Al Gore? - No, really, I am serious. That Gore has become a damned good orator! And who designed that blue stage? I mean - that thing was a work of art! Barry did real good during his speech. Not as good as MLK, but very calm and rational and convincing. For an independent like me, it was a good speech. He answered a lot of questions about where he stands and how he aims to get us there. For the first time in a long time, I see people starting to believe in possibilities again (this is a good thing, the world needs a little more hope). My son worked security at the event; got to work alongside Secret Service dudes. (He's so proud !!)

Oh - speaking of proud - I finally got my super-duper program downloaded (yaaaay!), but I tried to run it and it tells me that I'm out of space ... long story short, I have to buy a bigger hard drive. Funny, eh? Oh well, I'll pick one up tomorrow. I can't wait to get the dang program loaded so I can draw my own house in it and then change the interior wall colors (I want it to be per-fect!) We're going to start stripping the exterior paint this weekend, so my ugly house will be even uglier for a little while. (Ah joy!)

Just want to say "thanks" -again- to friends old and new, real-life and online. I really appreciate all of you.I know you've always been there in the past, but it feels good that you all swooped in just when I needed it most. (big hugs) You guys are the best.


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rdautumnsage said...

Good luck on the house re-do...I'm in the midst of that particuliar dilemna myself. All I can say is make sure you like your contractors and they are up front from the beginning. (Hugs)Indigo