Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Took a night just for me.
Went to a writer's support group.
It was nice to have something to occupy my mind.
Felt accepted, felt welcome.
Did not feel inept.

Noticed that I stutter and stammer when I'm feeling socially awkward.
(Same thing happens when I am being confronted, but I already knew that).

Made a paper airplane for a kid. (His first one got sucked up by an air conditioner vent).
Turned the radio on in the car - sang along to a lot of songs.
Got some more tears out. Feel exhausted. Ready to sleep.

Steven got work today. Big thanks to the Democratic National Convention.
He always gets so proud of himself when he works. It's good for his self-image.

Bought a software program so I can create detailed blueprints of the house.
Decided to purchase the online version, because I just couldn't wait for a DVD-ROM.
Dang thing has been downloading for 14 hours, and keeps failing to finish.
Feeling a little stupid, especially considering I'm supposed to be a computer whiz.

Still miss her.
Don't want to let go.
No choice.


naperdillygirl said...

I love the way you write.  What struck me most was that you stopped your day, your thoughts, your schedule, your life, for one minute to make a paper airplane for a child.  That's what it's supposed to be about, stopping just for a second to show a little one how it's done.  Thanks for sharing.  You seem like a great, warm hearted person.  Sue

rdautumnsage said...

Eventually your life will become just for you, until your ready to spread your wings and fly again. You will..right now the flight pattern has just changed up a little. (Hugs)Indigo