Sunday, August 24, 2008

Death of a Dream

Running girl has run away.
She decided to let me go.

It makes no sense to me.
Not long ago, we were so in love.
The best relationship I've ever had.
Now I am part of her past.

Thankful for the good times.
Regretting the bad times.
Grieving the outcome.

I still hear her whispering plea: "don't ever let me go".
I held on as loosely as I could. I gave it all. It wasn't enough.
Open hearts aren't safe in this world.
I'm dying.


itsjustme45j said...

How long were you two together?

rdautumnsage said...

You have more strength than you realize dear friend. Hang in there. One of these days you will find someone who won't let you get away so easily. (Hugs)Indigo