Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Small wonders

MAJOR victory at work today. I finally held my own with the big boss. He did his usual thing, hitting me with a barrage of pointed questions. But this time, I was ready. I did not give up. I stayed cool and calmly spoke my truth. This time, he got it. He understood. The result is that my team has about half as much work to do, and an extra month to get it done. Yippee!

I keep forgetting to mention - I've lost a total of 30 pounds so far. My pants were getting so loose that I couldn't keep them up any longer. My belts had been cinched in as far as they would go. This left me in sort of a quandary. (Keep in mind that I'm only halfway to my goal, so any pants or belts that I buy right now won't fit me in another two months.) I didn't want to buy a bunch of clothes that I would only wear for a couple of months, but I knew that I couldn't continue wearing clothes that didn't fit. The final solution? A quick trip to Wal-Mart and $50 later, I have some very cheap (one could say, disposable) clothes, plus two belts that can be cinched down to any size that I happen to be. When I'm too small for them, I will simply donate them to a charitable organization, and viola! I now have clothes that fit, I didn't have to pay too much for them, and I can give them away (guilt free) when I get too small for them. [Genius, I think].

Received some nice comments about this blog, which made me feel awfully good about myself (there are at least two people that enjoy reading my drivel - thanks to Bev and Michelle). But then I started reading other people's blogs, and I am once again humbled. There are so many good people out there. Good people that have to endure awful things. I feel simultaneously thankful for myself, and sad for them. Why can't bad things happen to bad people? If I was God, that's certainly how I would do things...

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inafrnz247 said...

Thanks, Doug..  ::smile::

Good news about the weight loss!  I myself lost about 50 lbs in the last year and a half, but I've gained back 10...  These summer months off - fighting kids, too much time on my hands, etc.. can be a killer!  Can't complain too much, though.  I love being home with my girls (usually..).

Glad to hear of the victory at work!  Hopefully things will calm down for you.

Enjoy your day!