Friday, July 13, 2007

Friends of old

Day 108.

One of my very best friends came through Denver last weekend.

He and I were really close in High School. In fact, we seemed to do almost everything together. We forged a bond that has lasted for countless years (yeah, okay, I could actually count them, but I don't really want to know, okay?)

"Luke" has done really well for himself. He's played a big role on a big project at a big medical center (in my old home town of Saint Louis). He's got a very attractive new girlfriend, and he seems to be a really good father.

Luke is a quiet giant. He always has been. He is without a doubt the most gentle and trustworthy man that I have ever known. We had a lot of fun in High School ... strange to think of it now, but I suppose he and I were "Leaders of the Pack" back then. [The "pack" in that case consisted of a bunch of geeks from High School and DeMolay, but we were all good friends. We we ate a lot of Lasagna, we flirted with a lot of waitresses, we had a good time, and nobody got hurt.  - -  Hmmm - - Better change that to say that nobody ever got "critically injured". - - Of course, there was a close call with that one automobile accident, and then there was the fight with the football team, and the night somebody spiked the punch, and ...]

Anyway - it was great to see him again.

Some people are friends for their whole lives, it seems.
Even when they live in different cities, and follow different dreams.
You were more than a friend, you were really a brother.
Dang, I wish I could find something that rhymes well with brother.
It's true, I'm not a good poet, but I wanted you to know.
You're a really good friend, and I - guess I love ya, bro.

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inafrnz247 said...

cute semi poem...  very heartfelt..  I kept thinking of last

Glad you had fun catching up with your friend!