Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Inside my chrysalis

The workout programs are starting to have a positive effect.

Went 3 miles after work today and hardly even broke a sweat (by contrast, I had real problems going 1 mile 10 days ago). Arms and shoulders are starting to become more defined, and legs are getting stronger. Frankly, I didn't expect to see results this quickly, but I am certainly not complaining <... well, actually, I do complain sometimes ... but that usually happens while I'm exercising, not when I'm here at the keyboard ...>

I feel good! I mean really GOOOOOD. (Lots of energy, no aches or pains).

Adam surprised me by neatly organizing everything in the kitchen (it occurs to me that he arranged things almost exactly the way that I would have, which leads me to believe that men are slightly better at organizing things into logical groupings (sorry, ladies).

Busy day tomorrow - the big boss wants to talk with me.

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