Sunday, May 6, 2007

Adam arrives

Adam arrived on Friday.

Per our arrangement, I am providing him with a room (all utilities paid), and in exchange, he will be my personal fitness counselor.

He seems like a pretty good guy; shares many of the same values and some of the same experiences as I do. He gets along well with my son also (truth be told, they are closer in age to each other than to me), and he definitely takes his work seriously. On his first day here, he gave us a nutritional class. Everything in the refrigerator was cleaned out, and we started with a fresh supply of "real" food.

On his second day, he went out and bought an Olympic weight-lifting set (which of course, I will reimburse), and created a workout area in the basement. He also showed me the electronic records that he will use to track our progress (calories consumed at each meal, workout routine, and weight lost). I was impressed.

On day three, we bought new running shoes and weight-lifting gloves. For the last two days, we've been working on diet - starting tomorrow morning (Monday), and for every weekday thereafter, we will be getting up early, running three miles, then working out with weights for about 45 minutes. He says results should come quickly, and I believe the plan he has laid out should do the trick.

Although I don't look forward to the initial pains and aches, I am looking forward to the final outcome. My goal is to look as good as I did when I got out of the military; to break some bad habits, and replace them with healthy habits.

While it is true that SHE is the catalyst that caused me to take the first steps, I know that I am ultimately doing this for myself. Already, I feel good about making this decision, and I know that in a few weeks, I will be rewarded for my efforts.

Be prepared to hear some moaning and groaning in the short-term, though.

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