Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cursed sunlight

Day 2.

The rain is gone.
I awoke this morning and the rain is gone.

Long into the night, I battled my demons.
Until at long last, peace came upon me, and I slept a deep slumber.
Silently, the rain fell, while I lay there, unknowing.

When I finally came-to, I had so little time.
Thirty minutes to get ready, thirty more for the drive.
Dodging through traffic, avoiding the glare of the sun.

The sun that burned away the rain.
The rain that fell upon her shoulders.
Cursed sunlight, you'll not erase these memories!

Traces here and there, of the tempest that I'd missed;
The greening of the grass, the pools of water, the moisture in the air.

And falling slowly down the windshield,
catching my eye, like that timeless moment that I first saw her,
a drop of rain, nature's beautiful weeping,
cascading ever downward,
and then gone.

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