Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pink Floyd

I'm going to a concert tonight - woohoo!
ME - I did something nice for myself! Yaaaay!

I bought tickets for me and my son and my dad and my best friend/roomie. We're going to see "Australian Pink Floyd" at the Paramount.

I've seen their DVD. This band is so much like the real thing, you simply can't tell the difference. They even purchased the props from the original band (like the floating pig and the brick wall!) I am SOOO stoked.

Notice to anyone who has a psychic connection to me (to my emotional state): I will be tripping out on music (not weed) starting approximately 8:00 pm tonight. My intention is to broadcast these feelings on all frequencies to anyone who receives. Please do not attempt to operate heavy machinery or motor vehicles during this time.

Today was one of the best days EVER!

Love you all!

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