Thursday, December 13, 2007

Along came Eve

Her name is Eve.
(Well, at least that's how you folks will know her.)

She came out of nowhere, yet she was right beside me all the time.
At first she was a paradox, a puzzle, a source of fascination.
There was something about her - but what, I couldn't tell.
Little by little, I got to know her.
Little by little, I liked what I found.

Truthfully, she is a lot like me.
So much sometimes - it seems like we're kindred.
We've been friends for almost two years, but never got close.
Eve recognized my love for Angel, and she saw that I was happy.
In fact, she was the first to know; I'd never told anyone else.
She offered her friendship, unconditionally, no interference.

But after a while, things started changing.
She began to really like me, and I had a decision to make.
Hold out for a dream, or open myself up to a possible reality?
I was confused. I needed time to think. She let me.

As if by fate, Angel called me two days later.
When I told her about Eve, Angel seemed happy.
She told me that I was free, and that she might never be.
She said that I was too precious to be left on a shelf.

I thanked her,
and then
I cried,
for two days.

Eve listened sympathetically to my sobbing explanation:
"She set me free", I croaked, "and I was hoping that she wouldn't".
She cradled my heart in her hands and rocked me gently to sleep.

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