Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Freedom the Dog

I had a dog in the early 90's.
Her full name was Freedom.
I just called her "Free".

I was staying in a big house with my 3-year old son, and two male roommates. We used to joke about the situation being similar to "3 Men and a Baby". I was struggling (financially and otherwise), and really needed the help. It worked at the time.

Freedom was a very spirited dog.
She loved to play in the yard.
She had black hair, green eyes, and a gleaming white smile.
She smiled - a lot.

Unfortuantely, Freedom also liked to bark.
Bark, bark, bark - bark, bark, bark - into the night.

The neighbors complained to me.
The neighbors complained to the landlord.
The neighbors complained to the police.
I tried, but I could not keep her silent.

In the end, I had to let her go.
I had to give her away.
To keep my house, I had to give away my dog.

That is how I lost my Freedom.
... in the name of comfort.
... city life is so unkind.

[True story, from the life of Doug Staubach]

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