Monday, September 3, 2007

August was a heavy month

"These days are growing colder now
The light is growing dim
August was a heavy month
And now the nights are drawing in"

<--- Bob Geldorf - Lyrics --->

(+) My son has a job now [whoopee!]

(-) Adam moved out of the house [no more workout partner]

(+) I'm still losing weight and feeling good

(-) I blew the engine on my truck [... goodbye old girl, you served me well...]

(+) I replaced the truck with a new 'business-class' sedan

(+) My best friend from St. Louis came to town for a visit

(+) Both of my 'adopted daughters' came by for a visit [love them!]

(+) We had another (different) family reunion - in Denver

(+) My best friend in Denver got me hooked on a sci-fi series named 'Firefly' [shiny!]

(+)My company passed the Visa-PCI Audit, so I delivered results on schedule

(+) I got recognition from the company for helping them pass the audit

(+) I received notification that I passed the CISA exam [professional certification]

(-) My brilliant young apprentice left the company (to become a dancer on Broadway)

(+) My right-hand 'man', who left two months ago, is coming back to work for me again

(-) Another one of my mentors left the company (Mister V - a good leader, good man)

(+) Two of my friends got married ... to each other [live long and prosper]

(+) A noted author contacted me [my life is full of serendipity, or so it seems]


I'm still in touch with Angel.

We talk, we write. She makes me laugh.

All in all, life is good.

But August was a heavy month.


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