Friday, April 18, 2008

Friends first

Big weekend.
StarFest weekend.

We both love Sci-Fi, and we've never been to a big event "together" (that is, since we started dating each other). We both take our Sci-Fi very seriously (for both of us, conventions are about fun, relaxation, friends, parties, etc - a full schedule).

Will the thing that brought us together in the first place, bring us closer together - or, will it become a drag, a nuisance, a "downer" for both of us?

I don't go to too many conventions, really. This is the main one for me. I want to have fun. I know that she wants to have fun too. Hopefully, we can achieve the right balance of togetherness and separateness, and everything will work out fine.

I hope I don't screw up.


mskimie said...

I think that we did just fine...  there were tough moments, of course.

But I think it all worked out, huh?


dougstaubach said...

Yeah, we had a couple of moments there, but it worked out just fine. Good times, good friends, and lots of good memories. We ROCK!