Monday, June 11, 2007

Cyclical redundancy

Alright, I admit it. I spent the whole day Sunday working on my "MySpace" site. Please try to understand that this was a very painful step for me. {I resisted joining the fray for as long as I could, but in the end, I collapsed under the societal pressures.}

I hold David Hewlett partially responsible for this turn of events.

Why? Three reasons: (1) A good friend of mine sent me an absolutely charming letter explaining how I consistently amaze her with my writing abilities <thanks, Bev!> furthermore, she informed me that I am one of the few men with the ability to express my emotions so well, and that this reminded her of David Hewlett. (2) I have always had a positive impression of Mr. Hewlett (based on the characters he plays), and I am rarely compared to any celebrity, so the above event was definitely fuel for my ego. (3) I did some checking, and found that David is a self-professed Internet Geek, and he maintains his own MySpace site. (Which lends some credibility to their services, in my opinion).

I have already linked that site to this one, but I thought it might be good to link this one to that one as well. My only concern is that by doing so, I will be creating an endless loop (are at the very least, a cyclical reference) within the Internet itself. {If A points to B, and B points to A, there is the possibility of crashing every computer system known to man!}

So, here it is - on the forensic record - just in case THIS becomes the fatal message that causes all of modern society to grind to a complete standstill. (Note: if that really happens, you are probably reading this message several years after I originally wrote it.)

The link to my MySpace site is ..... <ahem>

And with that, I am off to work (yep, I stayed up all night working on it - but the results were worth it).

Best wishes, world. (Hope the Internet is still alive when I wake up!)


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